My Worst Day

March 12, 2010

    When a human spends most time to achieve his/her work well and organizes his/her schedule as well. Lastly, the human failed without know exactly what is a wrong that he/she has done. I am writing to explain what happened to me, how I dealt with and how I can avoid and solve them in future

  On Thursday 11/03/10 ,sweet , my partner and me should provide our poster but the opposite had happened. Firstly, I organized a schedule well and focused on every step in process ” Disaster: process-product”, O’brien David,19/2/2010. Therefore I wrote down my strategies clearly. After that I followed most steps, for example, I researched and collected  information and made two drafts for poster. Now we should exchange and understand our drafts and edit. Unfortunately, we could not meet and I waited another meeting but the problem was still.  In this situation, I started to write the final draft to avoid anything might happen. What I was afraid form happened, we designed our poster in a program which is difficult to find printer on. But I think this is not a problem. The problem is we did not prepare to print early although I had asked about the printer before. Lastly, I stood up with half poster  :),really I would rather die than it. But I asked Allah to help me and I controlled my temper and asked myself immediately what will I do if it happened to me in the master project? and then I felt relaxed a little bit. I hope my classmates benefit from my experience. 

               This day teachs me even if I thought that I organized my time and process successfully, I have to be aware that there might be something  not good will happen, and I should focus more in future



  1. Hi Hadil
    I hope that you consider that as a lesson to you.
    In fact, poster’s experience is a new thing for most of us and I think we all had problems not just you.
    but the successful person is who can get rid of his/her problems for the next time.
    Do not worry, you should to focus on what is coming in the future and please forget the past.
    Also, you should use power point not (publisher) program to make a poster, and you should complete your poster before due date, this point was our problem.


    Abdulmutalib ZARDAWY

  2. Thank you very much Abdol,
    I will try to forget, but I dont think so
    actually,I thought about change program before due date, but I think it is difficult that delete my partner’s effort.

    Really thank you Abdol, actually, that is a big big lesson.

  3. Hello hadil,
    i am sorry to hear this sad story,but it will be a great lesson not only for you, but also for all students to prepare and complate their job early befor tow days at least, because you might need to change or add some information. it is a good thing that human learn from his faults and try to avoid or fix them in the future.
    do not worry about that but, you should be awareded that you will be better next time, i am sure.

    best wishes from Jawad,

    • Hi Jawad,

      I tried to fix them early,and I think in this situation I think the luck(not luka) played an important role.

      Thank you Jawad

  4. Hello my best friend hadil,

    As I told you this is not the end of the world. You are clever and you have worked very hard therefore our teacher will not focus about this problem. please forget it and try again with more confident.

    • SADYA,
      I am not thinking about just score.
      MY TIME 😦 MY TIME 😦 “I know maybe I gained some skills but I could do sth instead of )
      I remember the teacher said that he sometimes had given alot of effort and time to his students’ improvement, but they had never done or achieved well !!!!!!!
      I think that I now should try to forget, but not because this isnt the end of the world , but I need really concentrate in the future
      Really my friend so very thanks 4 you, you usually encourage me, and your comments !!!! always make me laugh and forget the problem but not forever.

  5. Hi Hadil,

    I’m so sorry about your poster.
    However, you should forget that and learn from your mistake.
    The poster is gone.. think about your next step ( group project ).
    Try to avoid the problem that you faced during the poster in the group project.

    Best wishes

  6. yes, you know what’s wrong in your poster!you already done very well!I trust you could do it better in next report!good luck!

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