a basic skill

March 26, 2010

Reading skill is one of the important skills that affects on many aspects of learning English such as researching to find a lot of information in limited time. Actually, I would like to improve this main skill that I find some difficulties with. Therefore, I am writing to give detailed information about this problem and the strategies of development of reading skill which I consider.  

The problem that I find in reading not just the new vocabulary but also I can not understand the whole text and spend much time trying to understand well. actually, I spend a lot of time translating the difficult words and read the text many times but I still not understand especially when the text very long. I think the reasons of this issue because of I focus on many things at the same time. I mean  analyzing the context’s structure, spelling, article, tenses, the different meaning of the new words and how pronounce them. Lastly, I lose the real purpose of reading, not understand the context/paragraph and waste my time.

The strategies that I consider is identify the purpose of reading firstly. For example, if I read for research I should focus on the main ideas within a lot of books or papers rather than read every line and trying to understand every word. in contrast, when I read to find specific details I should focus and analyses the issue. In fact, the knowing of the purpose of reading and reading skills such as skiming and scanning  and distinguish between them is very important. I found this useful website  that benefit me which is http://www.ncistudent.net/StudySkills/LearningSkills/. Secondly, asking questions that help to understand the context well like what happened, why it happened and how, these ways  help me more. Actually, in these days I have tried to do some of these strategies and I write down the starting time for reading and measure how much I can read effectively. I find in the beginning of the week I spend two hours for one page but later when I focus on what I need from reading I finished 3 pages around 1 hour. I think there are many effective ways to read successfully. Finally I am looking for others advice and the next lecture which I hope it will give me many good ways to develop this problem.  











  1. Hi Hadil
    I think there are many words in English which have different meanings. Also, many words when you put them in sentence will give different meanings. So, I advice you to know and memorise the words’ meanings then you will find that easier to undertand.

    Good luck


    • hi abdol
      thank you for your advice. i think trying to memorise or know the meaning of every word whithout reading or infer the meaning from the text is difficult to remember. i mean reading and understand from the text maight be better.
      thanks again abdol

  2. Hello my best friend Hadil,

    Reading is difficult not just for you but for all of us. I advice you that do not looking for every word meaning, try to guess the meaning from whole sentence or even one paragragh.

    your friend

    • hi sadya
      yeah, i agree with you. i tend to focus on this strategy.
      thank you Umm Muataz

  3. Hi Hadil,

    Understanding the whole text is the most important thing. However you need to understand the title before that, try to relate the ideas to the title.
    Good luck, you have done a great job in the begnning.

    Keep doing that

  4. thanks Faisal for you advice,
    really i need that connect/link the ideas with a title
    thanks again

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