Doing Research

April 11, 2010

During two weeks ago, I have focused on reading skill especially how can scanning and skimming and find main ideas from long articles. Although I improved in some parts such as scanning and skimming, I need a lot of time to be successful in other parts like understanding, finding main ideas “note-taking” as well, therefore, I should continue reading and know the purpose of different subjects. Also, I gain good information from Academic Reading chapter in Brick’s Book. Actually, I have basically focused on this skill because of its importance of research process. However, there are a number of concerns are related to research rather than reading.

During eight weeks ago, I have found difficulties through doing research to find suitable information. I have tried to understand what the issues are, why happened and how can I solve them?The issues are ignoring some important things as References, note taking and the basic steps to research. what should I do and how do an organized research?

 These things was forced me to read about the right strategies about good research. Firstly, I should make a clear plan before due date including:

1)      the days of collecting information that should be related to a topic and I learned how can I find what I need easily by using database.

2)      Writing the draft early and try to edit it many times.

3)      Give different people to read them.

4)      Don’t forget the reference during step1 or step5( I keep a copy of Harvard Reference to look when I need)

5)      Write the last draft.

After I tried to do that I find it become easier than before but I still have some problems with some topics that I don’t know before. That will lead to a serious problem in note-taking, paraphrase and summarise.

 I explained my problems and some thoughts hopefully I can find another advice.    



  1. make research plan can help you save much time. sometimes when we search some new information. i will leave some useful website. in the next, you can begin your search in some useful website.

    • Hi my reminder
      yes, choosing the siutable website is very important, but sometimes take much time;therefore, we should benefit from datatbase
      take care

  2. hi, my best friend.
    thank you for you give us a minute desciption about your plan. it will give you some effective guide.^^i think befor you start to find the information about the resarch , you should make sure the information which you should need. List some questions you want to solve.

    • hi my best friend 🙂
      yeah, i should focus on wht i need 🙂
      thanks alot,
      Take care

  3. Hi Hadil,

    Most of student has probles with paraphrase and summary. Because it needs lots of vocabulary and the synonyms.

    Moreover, understanding the whole text is too important to start paraphrasing.

    So I advice you to try to understand the text and rewrite using your own words.
    Also it becomes better with practice

    Best wishes,

    • Thank you Faisal, I will take your advice in consideration

  4. Hi Hadil
    I think scaning an skimming is very important when we want to read and take notes. Also, you should be careful when you take notes because sometimes its easy to forget or understanding what these key words mean.

    Good luck


  5. yeah, I agree with you.
    your points are very important, I think I still have problems with.
    THank you Abdul

  6. Hello my best friend Hedoool,
    Do not forget this is first essay we have tried to write. we will read more and learn more in the future. However, my advice is Fristly, try to understand the question and what it is wanted to write and try to but some questions in order to reading with purpose and make plan for your writing. Secondly, read whole the artical (skim and scan) and understand it. After that try to find answer for your questions. Finally write draft and show it to Australia people to corret it.

    Lots of love from sadya

  7. Hi Sadya,
    You all right
    thanks alot

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