some problems

May 1, 2010

Hi everyone,

I hope all of you take  a good rest.

I am going to write about two issues that i find during this week. firstly, i have found that speaking outside class is weak and i tried to know the reason for that and how can i solve them. Secondly, about the research paper and a lot of problems with and how i will try to avoid these issues.

to start with speaking, many people say that my speaking is clear and good, but I think i need to improve this skill in order to deal with the local in Uni. Actually, when the locals speak I can not understand and I feel (sometimes) shy to ask them to repeat it. usually, i tend to listening to solve this problem, but i think that is not enough, because that i tend in this week to go shopping especially in weekdays because the workers or sellers do not have alot of work and i creat any subject to talk about. this was a great job and they said that my speaking is good but in fact i could not follow what they said and when i speak with them i find some difficulties to express my thoughts. I think if i have a chance in the next 10 weeks, i might continue to do that  :)…

The second issue which is the research paper :(, I read in my major some subjects but I think these subjects that i will study in uni is difficult to research about or find exact topic to talk, even i find the topic, it may be that there is not anyone from my classmates will understand the topic. therefore, i have tried to find some simple topics that i can express its ideas easily. Moreover, I should learn how to use the LaTex style in writing that i have not  use before, and I struggle with, I find out in the Internet and download some program. but I still have problem with.

Finally, please my classmates, if anyone know how can I use LaTex easily, tell me. Also, about speaking if you know a good way to speak with local help me.



  1. Hi Hadil
    Research paper is not difficult for you if you chose a good topic or any topic can be understood. Last week was holiday but for me it was not because I spent my time with my research paper so that I have to submit my research on week 12. I think it is very difficult for me because I have to write 750 words and all disciplines in my major are wide, so I asked Dave to make it 1000-2000 words but it is not allowed.
    2000 words is very good and it will give you a good chance to explain your topic easily.

    Good luck


    • Thank you Abdul for your advice,
      but I think choose the good topic is not easy step for me.
      thanks again

  2. Hi Hadil,

    LaTex is a new type of writing an essay for me also.
    I think the nezt ten weeks will fouces on it.
    For your speaking, try to lestin for how they say the words. the pronunciation is immportant.
    and look at the slang words they ues it alot during the day.

    Good luck,

  3. Faisal,
    LaTex is the writing style that I should use in research paper for some maths formula like equations and math symbols.
    about speaking I think I need a separate course to understand the slang hahaha.
    Thanks Faisal

  4. hi,hadil.
    irp is really challenge for us. as for your speaking, i also think your speaking is very clear and fluent. you can take part in some associations to practice your speaking. and you can learn some slangs from local^^

  5. thanks my friend

  6. Hi Hadooooooool,
    Regarding to research paper,It is not easy for me too. However it is very useful to prepare us to study our majors at uni. About your speaking, It is really very clear and understandable. When you go to uni you will meet new Australians friends And you will improve your speakimg more and more.

    your friend

  7. Hi,Hadil.
    Speaking is the problem for all of us. Sometimes we cannot understand what others said because of the fast speed and many slangs, but the more we practise the more we gain. Therefore, we should make use of every chance to practise our speaking and listening, including shopping, eating in resturants.
    Good luck

    • Thank you Qun very much,
      as you said we should take every chance

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