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May 14, 2010

Most PEP students encounter difficulties when they are doing IRP. These difficulties differ from student to another depending on many aspects. Although I have enough time to do it and I am still at the very beginning steps, I have encountered a lot of complex problems. I have tried to solve some of them by putting some different strategies and notice what is the most appropriate. I will explain the difficulties that I find at the beginning of doing IRP and what the possible solutions I have done. Also, what strategies have helped me quiet effectively?

The difficulties:

1-      How can I write some mathematical functions or formula by using computer?

2-      What is the structure of math research paper? Is it similar to the structure of PEP research paper?

3-      How can I find a topic which includes discussion, comparison, different results for one problem?

The strategies and results:

1-      I have looked for some math websites and share in a forum to get help, I have learnt using symbols in the forum but I do not know how to use them in Word. Also, I download some program that helps me to solve this problem. L I am not sure if there is another simple way to write because what program I found it is quiet boringJ. Lastly, Hugh told my friend in another pep class about my problem, he immediately helped me by sending a good program to solve this problem.

2-      I looked at some the structure of research paper in math and make some comparison between them; I find they may quiet similar in most parts.

3-      Finding an appropriate topic is the most difficult step for me because I have never done research paper in my major. I have started to read some courses that I am going to study, but I couldn’t find something I can consider it as a good topic. For example, when I think about comparing two different aspects, It seems like teaching style rather than research. Actually, I think if I stay on one topic and research deeply may be I can find any different things to talk about. I was advised to go to my college to ask about, but I don’t think so. Now I am going to search more and may be choose 2 topics at the beginning. Also, I will use Google and other research papers.

Lastly, in spite of I could not find a topic, I am very happy because I have learnt some math vocabulary and subjects J

Please, Please, my friends not just read my Blog but also give me any advice or just say GOOD LUCK. hahaha  



  1. Hello my friend hadeel,

    I advise you to choose the topic you have found it easy and Comprehensible because the purpose from doing IRP is to increase your vocabularies in your major also to become familar with your specialty

    Good luck

  2. Hi sadya,
    actually, i find a topic but i think like a lecture, just expalin concepts and some functions.
    really i dont know

    i am afraid i might fail in IRP

  3. Hi, Hadil
    If u have some difficulties or something not sure about complex number, I’m glad to help u. This is a new konwledge for u because u haven’t acquainted it before. If yes, plz send e-mail to me. ( ⊙o⊙ )

    Good luck!

  4. Thank you very much Hugh
    you usually try to help me, even if I do not ask you, when you feel that I need help you ask me.
    really thanks
    take care with your study please

  5. Hi Hadil
    I advise you to go to the university and ask some lecturer in order to help you if it is allowed for PEP student.

    good luck


    • thanks Abdul
      Actually, yesterday I sent my topic to someone in the uni whether it could includ debat or discussion. i hope i can find solutions


  6. Hi Hadel,

    I think you have some background about the IRP topic, I mean from your bachelor study.
    Choose the topic and collect the info about it.

    GOOD LUCK, 🙂

    • Faisal,
      I did that but I still like collect facts and information, like theories, functions and definitions. hahaha
      I think i will publish a book rather than research paper.

      anyway, I found that there is a lot of research paper in math, but my mind like one topic and I am still look at until find debate or study.

      thanks faisal

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