June 2, 2010

Hi my classmates, I hope everyone is happy at the end of this stage. 🙂

Although I can understand a lot of words and the meaning when others are speaking, I still have difficulties particularly in some special situations in class and on TV.

 I discover that I could not understand others when they using new words. I tried to find out what the reasons are and how I can treat those issues. Firstly, I find that I have limited words. That means I need to pay more attention about the amount of words that I have. For example, when Maria who evaluates us for group project speaks I can not follow her. When I tried to know the problem I find that I ignore some words. Therefore, I immediately wrote down the words that she said for example, ingrained and anticipate. After that, I used dictionary to check when I went home. I think this method very effective when you collect some new and especially academic words and after period of time translate them. Secondly, regarding some TV program like Insight I like because it includes some interesting topics and discussion and different opinions. The problem also continues and I lost my interested in when I can’t understand their discussion. I use the same method just write down the words and if I have chance translate during program but if not I delay it. Actually, understanding what other says is my main problem. And I consider the website BBC that some classmates advise I think it is very helpful to increase your vocab. And then become a good listener.

 This is my difficulties and if you have any advice, please tell me.

 Kind Regards,




  1. Hi Hadil
    I had the same problem before. Also, I have the same problem now but with the teens. In my opinion, we will benefit more in the university because there are many Australian students. I think, you will get rid of this problem soon.

    Good luck,


  2. Hi Hadil,

    Asking people about the meaning of the word is one of the possible solutions for you.
    That will increase your vocabulary.

    Good luck,

  3. Thank you

  4. Hi, Hadil
    I have the same problem with you. Especially, when I go shopping, the assistants speak very fast and I cannot follow what they said. I think the most important reason is that I have limited vocabulary. I think that your method is useful and I also use this way to pratise my listening and speaking. I suggest you to record some sentences to learn how they express themselves.
    Good luck

  5. thank you Qun

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