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IRP Disaster

June 25, 2010

Although I have tried to follow the process and instructions of IRP, I am very dissatisfied with IRP process and its production. When I have analysed issues and difficulties that I have encountered during this process, I have found there are not just positive aspects but also there are negative sides I have ignored. These negative aspects affect negatively on my desire to create a perfect IRP compared with my desire at the beginning of strategies. In this blog, I am going to introduce the main issues and I have dealt with.

There are a variety of challenges that impact on my desire and IRP process despite of my accuracy to follow the steps of IRP.

1-      research paper experience

This is the first time I do research in my life. I do not know what research paper means. I thought just bring any topic and present information because I have never had any information about any research in my major which is Math. Therefore, I read more about research paper in math and some beneficial websites which provide a lot of effective and perfect strategies for doing that. Also, I have borrowed and read a helpful book which is Keys for Writers from BSL. Also, I print all important papers from my uni. Although, these strategies help me to have good knowledge about the meaning of research paper, I could not choose effective topic at the beginning.

2-      choosing topic

I followed many ways to choose a topic and I present two topics at the beginning but there are not anyone could help me about that especially because most research in my major about functions and numbers. Therefore, II attended some lectures and chose a topic which I interested in. the issue started from this point because there is not any one can judge whether my topic is appropriate or not. I tried to find comparison in this topic, but it was between facts, that mean not research. When I saw some my classmates topics and considered my teacher’s advice. I found that easy to me but after the time has gone.

 In conclusion, I think I benefit more and it was worth experience, especially about strategies and gain much math vocabulary. Please my classmates if you think I did something wrong advice me



June 2, 2010

Hi my classmates, I hope everyone is happy at the end of this stage. 🙂

Although I can understand a lot of words and the meaning when others are speaking, I still have difficulties particularly in some special situations in class and on TV.

 I discover that I could not understand others when they using new words. I tried to find out what the reasons are and how I can treat those issues. Firstly, I find that I have limited words. That means I need to pay more attention about the amount of words that I have. For example, when Maria who evaluates us for group project speaks I can not follow her. When I tried to know the problem I find that I ignore some words. Therefore, I immediately wrote down the words that she said for example, ingrained and anticipate. After that, I used dictionary to check when I went home. I think this method very effective when you collect some new and especially academic words and after period of time translate them. Secondly, regarding some TV program like Insight I like because it includes some interesting topics and discussion and different opinions. The problem also continues and I lost my interested in when I can’t understand their discussion. I use the same method just write down the words and if I have chance translate during program but if not I delay it. Actually, understanding what other says is my main problem. And I consider the website BBC that some classmates advise I think it is very helpful to increase your vocab. And then become a good listener.

 This is my difficulties and if you have any advice, please tell me.

 Kind Regards,



IRP :) :)

May 14, 2010

Most PEP students encounter difficulties when they are doing IRP. These difficulties differ from student to another depending on many aspects. Although I have enough time to do it and I am still at the very beginning steps, I have encountered a lot of complex problems. I have tried to solve some of them by putting some different strategies and notice what is the most appropriate. I will explain the difficulties that I find at the beginning of doing IRP and what the possible solutions I have done. Also, what strategies have helped me quiet effectively?

The difficulties:

1-      How can I write some mathematical functions or formula by using computer?

2-      What is the structure of math research paper? Is it similar to the structure of PEP research paper?

3-      How can I find a topic which includes discussion, comparison, different results for one problem?

The strategies and results:

1-      I have looked for some math websites and share in a forum to get help, I have learnt using symbols in the forum but I do not know how to use them in Word. Also, I download some program that helps me to solve this problem. L I am not sure if there is another simple way to write because what program I found it is quiet boringJ. Lastly, Hugh told my friend in another pep class about my problem, he immediately helped me by sending a good program to solve this problem.

2-      I looked at some the structure of research paper in math and make some comparison between them; I find they may quiet similar in most parts.

3-      Finding an appropriate topic is the most difficult step for me because I have never done research paper in my major. I have started to read some courses that I am going to study, but I couldn’t find something I can consider it as a good topic. For example, when I think about comparing two different aspects, It seems like teaching style rather than research. Actually, I think if I stay on one topic and research deeply may be I can find any different things to talk about. I was advised to go to my college to ask about, but I don’t think so. Now I am going to search more and may be choose 2 topics at the beginning. Also, I will use Google and other research papers.

Lastly, in spite of I could not find a topic, I am very happy because I have learnt some math vocabulary and subjects J

Please, Please, my friends not just read my Blog but also give me any advice or just say GOOD LUCK. hahaha  


some problems

May 1, 2010

Hi everyone,

I hope all of you take  a good rest.

I am going to write about two issues that i find during this week. firstly, i have found that speaking outside class is weak and i tried to know the reason for that and how can i solve them. Secondly, about the research paper and a lot of problems with and how i will try to avoid these issues.

to start with speaking, many people say that my speaking is clear and good, but I think i need to improve this skill in order to deal with the local in Uni. Actually, when the locals speak I can not understand and I feel (sometimes) shy to ask them to repeat it. usually, i tend to listening to solve this problem, but i think that is not enough, because that i tend in this week to go shopping especially in weekdays because the workers or sellers do not have alot of work and i creat any subject to talk about. this was a great job and they said that my speaking is good but in fact i could not follow what they said and when i speak with them i find some difficulties to express my thoughts. I think if i have a chance in the next 10 weeks, i might continue to do that  :)…

The second issue which is the research paper :(, I read in my major some subjects but I think these subjects that i will study in uni is difficult to research about or find exact topic to talk, even i find the topic, it may be that there is not anyone from my classmates will understand the topic. therefore, i have tried to find some simple topics that i can express its ideas easily. Moreover, I should learn how to use the LaTex style in writing that i have not  use before, and I struggle with, I find out in the Internet and download some program. but I still have problem with.

Finally, please my classmates, if anyone know how can I use LaTex easily, tell me. Also, about speaking if you know a good way to speak with local help me.


Doing Research

April 11, 2010

During two weeks ago, I have focused on reading skill especially how can scanning and skimming and find main ideas from long articles. Although I improved in some parts such as scanning and skimming, I need a lot of time to be successful in other parts like understanding, finding main ideas “note-taking” as well, therefore, I should continue reading and know the purpose of different subjects. Also, I gain good information from Academic Reading chapter in Brick’s Book. Actually, I have basically focused on this skill because of its importance of research process. However, there are a number of concerns are related to research rather than reading.

During eight weeks ago, I have found difficulties through doing research to find suitable information. I have tried to understand what the issues are, why happened and how can I solve them?The issues are ignoring some important things as References, note taking and the basic steps to research. what should I do and how do an organized research?

 These things was forced me to read about the right strategies about good research. Firstly, I should make a clear plan before due date including:

1)      the days of collecting information that should be related to a topic and I learned how can I find what I need easily by using database.

2)      Writing the draft early and try to edit it many times.

3)      Give different people to read them.

4)      Don’t forget the reference during step1 or step5( I keep a copy of Harvard Reference to look when I need)

5)      Write the last draft.

After I tried to do that I find it become easier than before but I still have some problems with some topics that I don’t know before. That will lead to a serious problem in note-taking, paraphrase and summarise.

 I explained my problems and some thoughts hopefully I can find another advice.    


a basic skill

March 26, 2010

Reading skill is one of the important skills that affects on many aspects of learning English such as researching to find a lot of information in limited time. Actually, I would like to improve this main skill that I find some difficulties with. Therefore, I am writing to give detailed information about this problem and the strategies of development of reading skill which I consider.  

The problem that I find in reading not just the new vocabulary but also I can not understand the whole text and spend much time trying to understand well. actually, I spend a lot of time translating the difficult words and read the text many times but I still not understand especially when the text very long. I think the reasons of this issue because of I focus on many things at the same time. I mean  analyzing the context’s structure, spelling, article, tenses, the different meaning of the new words and how pronounce them. Lastly, I lose the real purpose of reading, not understand the context/paragraph and waste my time.

The strategies that I consider is identify the purpose of reading firstly. For example, if I read for research I should focus on the main ideas within a lot of books or papers rather than read every line and trying to understand every word. in contrast, when I read to find specific details I should focus and analyses the issue. In fact, the knowing of the purpose of reading and reading skills such as skiming and scanning  and distinguish between them is very important. I found this useful website  that benefit me which is Secondly, asking questions that help to understand the context well like what happened, why it happened and how, these ways  help me more. Actually, in these days I have tried to do some of these strategies and I write down the starting time for reading and measure how much I can read effectively. I find in the beginning of the week I spend two hours for one page but later when I focus on what I need from reading I finished 3 pages around 1 hour. I think there are many effective ways to read successfully. Finally I am looking for others advice and the next lecture which I hope it will give me many good ways to develop this problem.  










My Worst Day

March 12, 2010

    When a human spends most time to achieve his/her work well and organizes his/her schedule as well. Lastly, the human failed without know exactly what is a wrong that he/she has done. I am writing to explain what happened to me, how I dealt with and how I can avoid and solve them in future

  On Thursday 11/03/10 ,sweet , my partner and me should provide our poster but the opposite had happened. Firstly, I organized a schedule well and focused on every step in process ” Disaster: process-product”, O’brien David,19/2/2010. Therefore I wrote down my strategies clearly. After that I followed most steps, for example, I researched and collected  information and made two drafts for poster. Now we should exchange and understand our drafts and edit. Unfortunately, we could not meet and I waited another meeting but the problem was still.  In this situation, I started to write the final draft to avoid anything might happen. What I was afraid form happened, we designed our poster in a program which is difficult to find printer on. But I think this is not a problem. The problem is we did not prepare to print early although I had asked about the printer before. Lastly, I stood up with half poster  :),really I would rather die than it. But I asked Allah to help me and I controlled my temper and asked myself immediately what will I do if it happened to me in the master project? and then I felt relaxed a little bit. I hope my classmates benefit from my experience. 

               This day teachs me even if I thought that I organized my time and process successfully, I have to be aware that there might be something  not good will happen, and I should focus more in future