Identifying a difficulty and suggesting its solutions

March 2, 2010

      Every area of my studies has some difficulties. These difficulties graduate from the easiest problems which I can solve them easily and in short time to the most complicated things which I need a lot of efforts and time to pass them successfully. One of the most difficult sub- skills that I have focused on over the few weeks ago is note-taking skill, especially from listening. For example, how can I get or catch main ideas, understand, organise and use them effectively? also, how can I distinguish between the main ideas and additional information?

        There are many reasons for happening or finding this issue. Firstly, I think ignoring the contents of a lecture or what the lecture including. In addition, the ignorance of new words and some words’ pronounciation. Secondly, I think that this problem is happening because I sometimes try to write every word the lecturers said; therefore, I wary to write some words down that are not important rather than significant ideas and general coprehension. Finally, the speed of the lecturers affect on note-taking.

         Actually I usually identify and focus on my weaknesses and difficulties and then I suggest some methodes that might help me. In this situation, I have found chances to attend real lectures for two weeks ago, these help me much to evaluate my notes comparing with the right steps that I recieved at the beginning of the PEP. Also, after these lectures I could discuss my notes with the classmates, understanding and then I can judge on myself regularly. In fact, I have benifited from Muthana’s youtube much and I remember when I considered all advice in youtube and the next day  I tried to apply it especially ”  general coprehension” and then write down what I understand, not just what I am hearing and then putting them on the papers without pass or go inside mind. Morover, I am still listening the news in the morning and some movies in the evening. 

          Finally, I hope my classmates help me by their advice and methods.


My First Blog Entry

February 21, 2010

Hello everyone,

       I am writing to describe and explain my opinions regarding what I  have understanded and what are my expectations in the PEP course.

     the PEP course is full of activities which will benefit and qualify me not just to obtain Master’s Degree ,but also in my career in the future. firstly, the first important activity is “Group Project” which develops some necessary and modern skills that most students and I one of them did not use to practice them; for example, how they can analyse and solve problems that will happen during the group work. Moreover, how every student can persuade the others about his/her thoughts logically. Secondly, there is another significant activity or skill which will focus on more is “Writing ” . I hope that I can write successfully all types of writing. With reference to other skills, I think they will evolve  during or through the time.

        I have studied some courses that I would not like them for many reasons. in fact, I do not feel that I took a lot of benefits because when I  had finished my assignments, I did not find a good feedback from teacher; therefore, my mistakes are continuous. I hope that my teacher correct or advise as much as he can, and my classmates as well

         Finally, realizing our ambition needs a lot of patience in all the aspects of the difficult life that surround us.

I will try to do the best


Hello world!

February 18, 2010

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